With every piece of land comes a piece of history and as time changes so we create history of our own. It so happened that the original farms in the Upper Highway area were once owned by the well known Gillitt Family and as time progressed these farms were subdivided and sold off, creating all the areas as we know them today.

One beautiful piece of land remained and after it having been in the Gillitt Family for over 130 years this extraordinary 86ha sugar estate was finally sold to a developer  with a vision who together with his fantastic team of architects and sales ladies created this unique "Old World" Tuscan village.

What was once an abstract vision has been made reality, resulting in one of the most beautiful lifestyle estates in South Africa. Hundreds of families have found their home in Plantations and enjoy the beauty and security of this magnificent Tuscan style estate. Phone now to view all our properties for sale or any rentals - 031-7654302

Come and see how we have recreated a piece of Italy and fall in love with Plantations!

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